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gonna happen in I don’t even know whether there’s any word in why you ask me these questions for you need closure valuations you kind as to make cash flows and the way we get closure is we assume that at some point in time in the future cash flows how much property valuer costs in Melbourne will start growing at a constant rate Trevor I told you everything you need and I’ll nation have already noted already right i mean amend the contract or project we talked about growing opportunities that side.

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Biotechnology company with a patent no revenues no earnings no cash flows a patent working its way through the FDA pipeline you’re not buying a set of cash flows you’re not pricing it because there’s nothing to price your buying an option an optioning what sense if it makes it through the approval process you could have blockbuster drug by the Dozen there’s nothing.

That’s the essence of an optional Property valuations Sydney that you see out there you can put in one of these three buckets and it’s critical that you classify it a prime but otherwise it will be asking the wrong questions so let’s focus on intrinsic value when I do my valuation sometimes online and people want and suck need accused me of being i don’t academic which I don’t think personally by the way they say academic it’s not meant as a compliment or dealers which makes me laugh he reevaluation.

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Rehabilitation benefit and lastly and the case for death occurs that benefits to survivors so this might be this might include a barrel expenses as well as lost income for certain duration the the employers that recovered on the statute again Barry at the cross-state for the most part its most employers the comment sections include farm employers that farm laborers sort of one off contracting situations casual employers and employees such as like a gardener or a cleaner something of this and the scene different states.

Also will attempt smaller businesses this might be five Florida homeowners insurance quote to ten employees but again this will vary by state most employers in most states are covered by the workers compensation statute and therefore are required to provide the coverage to them provides a benefit to the employees so how did a I how they do this up to now we’ve just mentioned that the workers compensation statute requires that employers provide the financial security but the statute does not say that the employer has to buy insurance however of course you would probably not be surprised to find out that the easiest way to deal with this to meet this requirement is indeed- – by the workers.

compensation insurance this insurance is usually by statute meets the requirement that the statutes require that you provide the nation’s security and we’re going to ask our last polling question John rather than a scare last one question I get a littleness David a polling question what are some courses from which employers can acquire insurance if it’s voluntary market of private insurers is it assigned risk plan is its state fund or my to see all of the above will give you seconds to choose the correct answerphone results are in and no one has chosen voluntary market for the song with plan no one has chosen state fun and all have designated all of the above what you think about David and it’s pretty good yeah i thought that that’s the right answer and this provides a nice little cheese for our next section of the next person you have used for the legislation and regulation.

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Component so that we can see some of the questions you might have well the reason we start with the the homeowners policy is that for most individuals the primary exposure to property casualty risks stems from owning a home and or operating your vehicle and in fact the homeowners policy in the personal auto policy are designed to provide rather comprehensive coverage for both the property and liability homeowners insurance broward county fl exposures associated with home ownership and although ownership so its first let’s take a look at the case of the home if you’re thinking.

About the soldiers that you have as a home owner of what needs it comes to mind is the property and/or liability associated property lot of exposure associated with having a home I’m gonna go I’m about to obvious of poppy exposures when we think about a homeowner you know being a homeowner on the structure the structures that was that that exists on the land themselves as well as the personal property that we have inside the homes third rather obvious exposure is the liability associated with owning a home that isn’t true for falling off the roof or press the visitor slipping and falling inside your home and indeed the standard homeowners.

policy covers all of these and more before we talk about the homework policy and the other politics like to just briefly mentioned that virtually every insurance company has their own version of the horns or auto policy and to that end it would be virtually impossible for us to discuss every little nuance and every specific coverage that every insurance provides so what we’re going to do dad just talked about sort of generic form these are forms of a kind about.